Table Topics Contests

Tonight is the G3 table topics (and humorous speech) contests in Christchurch.  Unfortunately I won’t be there so David will take my place.  Good luck to David and Marika.

With coming second in the E10 contest last week I will have to wait for next year to see how far I can go.

I will have to put more effort in to the prepared speeches contests.  With those the outcome is related to the quality of the speech as much as what happens on the night.

The table topics and evaluation contests just reward good toastmasters skills, so to prepare for them I should treat each toastmasters night as a contest.  How can I do the best TT or evaluation?  What can I work on each time to get better?

Korean tournament

Buan was an interesting place for a go tournament.  There was a children’s go tournament there just before our tournament.

The hotel was 40 minutes drive from the playing venue and can be seen in this photo through the trumpet.


My result was 3 from 6 and 29th out of 54.  This was about what I expected, but the way it happened not so much.

Day 1. Two wins and one a good win against a strong European 3 dan (overall happy)

Day 2. Two losses in games in which I had my chances against strong opponents.  The first game was recorded and will be shown on TV along with a strange interview.  (overall not too dissatisfied, but ruing the missed chances)

Day3. A loss to someone I should give stones to and almost lost to a 2 Kyu. (a disastrous day really)