Club speech contests

So 3 club contests entered for 2 firsts and a second.  It sounds better than it really is.  I was very unprepared for the Midcity humorous contest.  I think the basis of the speech was good, but it needed more preparation and I needed to work the laughs better.

Still, winning both Avon’s and Midcity’s table topics is not bad.  Will I be able to get to the area contests?  I think the Area contests should be winnable, but the divisions will be hard.  Would I want to go to Invercargill?  I suspect I will miss out because of the timing anyway.

It was fun being contest chair at Avon (25/08/2016) and my speech would have needed a lot of work to be competitive there.  Some things to work on.  Always a lot to learn at toastmasters.

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