Korean tournament

September 2016

Buan was an interesting place for a go tournament.  There was a children’s go tournament there just before our tournament.

The hotel was 40 minutes drive from the playing venue and can be seen in this photo through the trumpet.

The tournament venue was a nature reserve

My result was 3 from 6 and 29th out of 54.  This was about what I expected, but the way it happened not so much.

Day 1. Two wins and one a good win against a strong European 3 dan (overall happy)

Day 2. Two losses in games in which I had my chances against strong opponents.  The first game was recorded and will be shown on TV along with a strange interview.  (overall not too dissatisfied, but ruing the missed chances)

Day3. A loss to someone I should give stones to and almost lost to a 2 Kyu. (a disastrous day really)

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