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Firstly thanks to all who visited my blog for the Toastmasters project, especially those who left comments. More are still welcome.

Most useful are the evaluations of which I have received 2. Thank you very much Romana and Cassie.

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Both agreed that the blog was clear, well written, engaging, and frequent. There were comments about the variety. Both would have liked to see more, particularly personal opinions.

Romana would have liked to get an email when I replied to her comment, as this helps the conversation. It is possible to set this up in WordPress, but there are problems with security and privacy, so I have left it off. It does add to the feeling that I expressed in my speech that blogging provides a lot less feedback than speaking.

At least with a blog, people can read at their own pace, and I don’t have to worry about whether I speak too fast and forget to pause.

8 blog articles in a month is quite a lot, which was commented on by both reviewers. Romana thought they could have been shorter. Cassie suggested using categories and adding a “time for reading” note. I thought this was a good idea and I have added it.

I enjoyed writing the blog articles, but it is hard to think of enough topics. I think people who blog regularly blog often on the same topic and provide news and commentary. It is common for this project to blog about the toastmasters club as a means of attracting new members.

Cassie wants me to survey members to see if more people have accessed the blog after my speech.

So it might be some time before I add more to this blog, but who knows!

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2 Replies to “Evaluating the blog”

  1. Hi Barry,

    I think there has to be a clear reason for writing a blog. I.e. about a particular types of vehicles, or industries, or skills, or sports (and on and on)…. that’s if you want it to become a popular resource for other people. The best formula is focussed and consistently on message (or “on brand”)

    Otherwise, if you start a blog and just see what you feel like writing about from time to time, it’s still a valid use of a blog, but the audience will likely only ever amount to an audience of one!


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